Documents de Treball

Jaume Rosselló and María Santana
DEA Working Paper No. 52, November 2012
"Optimal taxation, social contract, and the four worlds of welfare capitalism"
Amedeo Spadaro, Lucia Mangiavacchi and Luca Piccoli
DEA Working Paper No. 51, October 2012
"On the impact of the euro on international tourism"
Francisco J. Ledesma Rodríguez, Jorge V. Pérez Rodríguez and María Santana Gallego
DEA Working Paper No. 50, April 2012
"Trade Costs and Job Flows: Evidence from Establishment-Level Data"
José Luis Groizard, Priya Ranjan and José Antonio Rodríguez-López
DEA Working Paper No. 48, February 2012
"Partial Collusion in an Asymmetric Duopoly"
Marc Escrihuela-Villar
DEA Working Paper No. 47, February 2012
"Stratification of Public Universities and Student's Segregation"
Joan Rosselló
DEA Working Paper No. 45, February 2012
"La coordinación de las políticas presupuestarias en España, 2007-2011"
Joan Rosselló
DEA Working Paper No. 44, February 2012