Documents de Treball

"An ex ante evaluation of the Revenu de Solidarité Active by micro-macro simulation techniques"
Luciano Canova, Luca Piccoli and Amedeo Spadaro
DEA Working Paper No. 67, November 2014

"Decision making under inherent uncertainty: does preference analysis play a role in the design of wetland adaptation to climate change?"
Michela Faccioli, Catalina M. Torres Figuerola and Antoni Riera Font
DEA Working Paper No. 66, October 2014

"Incorrectly accounting for preference heterogeneity in choice experiments: what are the implications for welfare measurement?"
Catalina M. Torres, Sergio Colombo and Nick Hanley
DEA Working Paper No. 65, October 2014

"Valuing the recreational benefits of wetland adaptation to climate change: a trade-off between species’ abundance and diversity"
Michela Faccioli, Antoni Riera Font and Catalina M. Torres Figuerola
DEA Working Paper No. 64, October 2014

"Intrahousehold distribution in migrant-sending families"
Lucia Mangiavacchi, Federico Perali and Luca Piccoli
DEA Working Paper No. 63, September 2014